Setting Up Your GBFC Email Address With Gmail

*Please note as technology and software is continually evolving, we cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy of our setup guides.

Start with logging into the Gmail account we have connected your GBFC email address to.

*VERY IMPORTANT: You must be on a desktop computer (not a phone or tablet) to complete this setup process. You must also avoid using the “POP3” configuration option you may see within your Gmail account. POP3 will not work for managing your GBFC emails.

This is your Gmail Inbox. Let’s now configure your Gmail account with your new GBFC email address(s).

Click the top right settings gear and click on Settings.

Click on Accounts and Import

Scroll down and select “Add another email address”

A popup will open. This is where you enter your name and your assigned GBFC email address.

Checkmark “Treat as an alias”

And select NEXT STEP

Add in the following information into each field:

SMTP Server:

Username: (whatever your assigned GBFC email address is)

Password: (this is the password we provide to you)

Select “Secured connection using SSL (recommended)”

Select PORT: 465


You will now receive an automated email from Google Gmail, with a verification code within.

This code takes anywhere from 2 minutes to several hours to receive. It’s entirely in Google’s hands with how fast they send you the code.

Leave the popup window open and click on your inbox. Wait for the email to appear.

Once the email comes in (keep an eye on your spam folder as well) – copy and paste the verification code into the popup window and select VERIFY.

Upon selecting “Verify” – the popup will automatically close and you’ll see that your new GBFC email address is connected to our server.


You can set “Reply from the same address the message was sent to” – what this does is defaults to “replying” from your GBFC email address when someone sends you a GBFC email. You can also set your GBFC email address as your main “default” address to “send” emails from as well. It’s entirely up to you how you use your new GBFC email address within your Gmail account.

If you don’t set your GBFC address as your default, to send general emails as your GBFC email address, you can simply click the “From” field in the email you’re composing and select either your Gmail address or your GBFC email address.


You can set up a personalized email signature for your GBFC address. To do so, go to the “General” settings tab.

Prior to going to the General settings tab, first, go to your inbox and then re-enter the Gmail Settings. This allows Gmail to refresh and start using your GBFC email address that you just configured.

You’ve now completed your GBFC email address setup!

We recommend going to test sending an email from your GBFC address to another email account you own to make sure the email gets sent correctly. (check spam folders in case they land in there!)

Then, test replying to that test email from your personal account to make sure the email is correctly received to your GBFC email address. (again, check spam folders)

If you cannot locate your Gmail Spam folder, please do a Google Search and follow guides on how to locate it.