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Overview of website service options:

Level 1 | Economy Plan

A fantastic way to get online with great visual and functional appeal. Level 1 is available if you’d like to look and feel great online while remaining within lower budget requirements.

Service starts at $110/mo with a $499 website setup fee.

Level 2 | Most Popular

We’re stacking in hand-picked features within our Level 2 service plan, built to grab you even more attention from website visitors.

Service starts at $195/mo with a $650 website setup fee.

Level 3 | Top Shelf

Want everything we offer within our website services? Then Level 3 is for you! Enjoy all the great features we’ve built up over the years, packing them into an incredibly smart and efficient website.

Service is priced at $250/mo with a $750 website setup fee.

Upon submitting your interest via the web form, you'll receive an automatic link sent straight to your inbox (check your spam folder!), bringing you private access to view our business website service plans in more detail.

Common pre-sales questions

These are the most common questions we’ve come across when folks are considering Lyquid as their home for their new business website. You may also review our full list of Q&As at any time. If you’d like a personal touch, you are always welcome to email us at hello@lyquidagency.com – we’re more than happy to address any and all thoughts that come to mind!


If this sounds promising to you, let’s chat further to see if there’s a mutual fit. We’ll start with a free assessment of your current situation with base recommendations on how to improve. This will include:

  • A 30-minute phone conversation
  • Basic analysis of your current marketing situation to find areas of improvement
  • A brief look to see which inbound marketing channels are a good fit for your business
  • Initial tips on what your business could do now to implement or improve your inbound marketing

We aren’t promising your business will “go viral,” become an “instant money machine,” or any of the other buzzwords that you hear. What we are offering is a chance for you to discuss your unique marketing challenges, find areas of improvement, receive some actionable takeaways to apply to your business’s marketing strategy, and see if we’re a good fit to work together to implement those takeaways or not. Contact us and let’s talk.

What is your turn around time?
We aim to have a draft of the website ready for review within 2 weeks from receiving all the information and content from you. Much of the speed that we can work at is dependent on you and/or your team.
What is your process?
Once you officially open your account with us, we'll set up an initial 1-hour appointment where we'll ask you random questions that assist with establishing the basis for the website. From there, we'll assign tasks to you and while you gather the information/content needed, we'll begin building the foundation for the website. Once you complete submitting all necessary content, we'll build that in, soon having a review ready for you. If everything looks excellent, we can prep to launch, and if needed, we'll go through a round or two of minor revisions prior to launch. Post-launch, you'll be placed in the care of our excellent Support team, further ensuring your needs are continually met.
How are your setup fees generated?
We invest in you up-front. The way our service plans are designed is with a setup fee and an ongoing rate. Your setup fee helps to cover some of the time your Strategist spends with you during your sales and onboarding phases. From there, we eventually recoup our up-front expenses somewhere between the 2-4.5 year mark. That's why your mutual commitment with Lyquid is crucial and why we require a minimum of a 2-year commitment within our Agreement with your company.
Can I take the website elsewhere?
We are a service based company and develop and maintain the website for you in-house, therefore, taking your website elsewhere is not something we allow.
What are your base fees?
Our website service setup fees currently range from $499-$750 (one-time cost) with a range of $110/mo - $250/mo for your ongoing rate.
Do you have a term length in your contract?
We require a minimum of a 2-year commitment from your company. This is due to the amount of money we invest in you up-front during the website build and beyond.
What if I'm unhappy?
If by chance you find yourself not as pleased as you would have liked, you're only requirement is to meet the 2-year commitment, at which time, you can request for your account to be closed. If you'd prefer to exit sooner than that, you can pay the remaining time left on your minimum commitment to Lyquid, whereas, we can then close your account as needed.
Where do Lyquid clients typically come from?
The majority of clients who join Lyquid come from other services paying as much as 3 times more—from less quality service providers. Our pricing and consistent service help to turn that previous experience around. Our recent patterns have shown clients typically include industries such as: Legal, Medical, Real Estate, Construction, Schools, Telecom, Restaurants /Bars / Breweries, and specialty trade groups (including Professional Organizers).
How long have you been in business?
We're going on our 11th year in business as a premium website and targeted ads service provider. A fun fact - Lyquid didn't use to have this name! It took an entire year for us to decide on what name would best support our beliefs and quality standards.
What if I need to make an edit on the website?
We're happy to help! You can either email our Support team directly with your request or depending on your level of website access we provide, you may be able to log into the website, making the edit at any time on your end.
Do you provide email hosting?
Yes! If you are in need of professional email addresses to go along with your website, we can create those for you with your service from Lyquid. Our initial email hosting package is integrated within your base services fees, which is dependent on your service plan of choice.
Level 1 = 3 email addresses
Level 2 = 7 email addresses
Level 3 = 10 email addresses

If you need more email addresses than what is provided within your service plan, you can add additional email addresses to your account at a rate of $30/mo for 10 additional email addresses.

Through our email hosting, we require you to configure the email addresses with a specialty "email client" such as a free Google account (we'll guide you through the process), so that you can access and manage your emails from any device. We do not permanently store your emails on our servers and will purge them from time to time (your Google account will store them for you).
What is your support like?
Every service plan comes with 30 minutes of free professional support per month. You can use this time for general questions you'd like to brainstorm with us, website edits or updates or emailing your original Strategist who helped to onboard you to Lyquid. This time does not roll over and future time cannot be taken. If by chance your needs exceed the free time provided, we'll simply inform you of the overage and notify you of the estimated cost needed to complete your request (typically needed for larger website updates).
What industries do you focus on?
Our recent patterns have shown clients typically include industries such as: Legal, Medical, Real Estate, Construction, Schools, Telecom, Restaurants /Bars / Breweries, and specialty trade groups (including Professional Organizers).
Do I get a dedicated support rep?
Initially, you'll be teamed up with a single Strategist who will be your go-to throughout the sales and onboarding process. From there, you'll be guided into the excellent care of our dedicated Support team. We're considering a dedicated Support Rep that will solely maintain a specific amount of client accounts, however, this is a complex situation as we need to support scalability before committing to this type of singular support.
Do you offer phone support?
During your sales and onboarding phases, your Strategist will be available via phone, text and email during business hours. Once your website is launched and you've been introduced to our Support Team, we'll continue service through an email based ticketing system. Our support team does not have phone capabilities (we tried and it didn't go as smooth as we had hoped!). If absolutely needed, you can reach out to your Strategist to discuss needs via phone, however, this time will count against your free monthly support time.
Can a new website save my business?
If you're in a position where you're already concerned about the state of your business, we suggest regrouping before joining us at Lyquid. Websites are a fantastic tool and way to grow your business, but to expect the website to magically save you from a negative position is not a realistic outlook. The last thing we want is for you to be disappointed and having the wrong expectations.
What is included in your ongoing rate?
We pride ourselves on what we refer to as 'ghost service'. Behind the scenes, we are maintaining code, monitoring your website, providing security, updating server requirements, ensuring email delivery, and plenty more. We also provide to you 30 minutes each month of support and a small portion of this rate goes towards the up-front investment we made in you during the initial website build.