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Targeted Ads Comparison Chart

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Upon clicking “Select Plan,” you’ll be brought to our separate Billing Dept website in order to open and create your account.

  •       Quarterly Plans
  • Account Setup Fee
  • Monthly Minimum Ad Spend*
  •    Initial Discovery & Analysis
    Level 1 includes basic discovery, analysis, and research. For deeper review, please consider Level 2 or 3 plans.
  •    Ad Campaign Strategy,
       Development & Management
  •    Weekly Behavior Analysis
    For daily anaylsis, please consider Level 2 or 3 plans.
  •    Daily Campaign, Traffic,
       & Behavioral Analysis
  •    # of Ad Campaigns on Average
    Note that within each ad campaign, we may develop several ad groups and ads to support the campaign. This is budget dependent on how much flexibility we gain on your account.
  •    Lyquid Smart Bot Included
    Our powerful Smart Bot software increases visitor interaction on landing pages!
  •    Landing Pages Included
    We develop as many landing pages as needed to match the ad campaigns we create.
  •    Consulting & Recommendations
    Provided on an as needed basis
  •    Add-on option:
         Lyquid Smart Bot
         Landing Pages
    Highly recommended. Our Smart Bot software greatly assists with website visitor interaction and landing pages are crucial for the success in any ad campaign.

Great Starter

Ads Level 1Dip into ads!

Excellent Growth!

Ads Level 2New Popular Plan!

Advanced Budgets

Ads Level 3Advance & Extend

Our Ads Level 4 service plan is available and is retained for monthly ad budgets that exceed $7,500+. If you have a larger ad budget available, please contact us directly in order to determine the best account setup for your needs.

Pricing Clarification

The first month with Lyquid, your only obligation is to pay the account setup fee. We then spend the first-month gathering various pieces of information from you, conducting in-depth research and discovery as it relates to your current setup and overall goals. While a month may seem like an extreme amount of time, experience has shown that it takes an extended period of time to gather all the pieces of data needed prior to completing and developing a well-rounded strategy for your account. *Please note, there is a 2.9% handling fee on ad spend payments.

Upon the start of your second month, you’ll pay (separately) fees due to Lyquid via non-refundable quarterly payments to cover our service costs as well as your monthly ad spend. Ad spend is charged to your card on file 5 days prior to the start of the following month.

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